Bruder Dr. Becker Riesling 'D' Trocken Pure Rheinhessen 2017

Article number: Becker Riesling Trocken "D" Pure 17
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Weingut Brüder Dr. Becker was passed on to Lotte Pfeffer and Hans Müller (husband and wife) by Lotte’s father in 1984, and organic agriculture had already been practiced since the 70’s. Their 11h hectares are in the Rheinhessen, sitting between the cities of Mainz and Worms, on the terraced slopes of weathered limestone and loess soils, facing mostly south-southeast to maximize the summer sun. They started converting it to biodynamic, recently becoming Demeter certified, but have been practicing organic since the mid-1970’s. They have done everything they can to turn their vineyards into organic ecosystems, using clover and herbs as cover crops to improve soil fertility and attract useful insects that take care of the destructive ones. They even helped every winery in their town of Ludwigshöhe covert to organic agriculture as well, showing how deep their care for the earth truly is. The “D” trocken riesling comes from 30 year old vines and are harvested by hand with intensive selection. The grapes are fermented in old 1200L wooden casks lined with beeswax for 10 weeks and undergo full malolactic fermentation, and the wine sits on its lees for 4 months with battonage (stirring) and is left on the lees in the same wooden casks until bottling, giving it a wonderful depth and complexity. No sulfur is added, and the wine is bottled unfiltered and unfined. If you’re looking for a bottle to welcome in spring, this just might be it! Gloriously aromatic, it almost evokes a gewürztraminer on the nose, bursting with spicy, floral, waxy, stone fruit notes. Not shockingly acidic on the palate, it instead displays a lovely complexity, with layer after layer of stone fruit, beeswax, chamomile and meadow flowers, and a stony, lightly petrol finish. Certified biodynamic, low-intervention, vegan.

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