Brendan Tracey 'Gorge Seche' Vin de France 2017

Article number: Brendan Tracey Gorge Seche VdF 17
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Brendan Tracey is a New Jersey native who attended high school in France. He worked for years in Paris as a DJ, eventually abandoning that 27-year long career to study wine making at Lycée Viticole in Amboise. While earning his Baccalauréat Viticulture-Oeonologie, he apprenticed with Thierry Puzelat, a pioneer of natural, organic winemaking in France, and now employs natural yeast, organic practices, and semi-carbonic macerations in his red wines. He lives with his wife in Saint Anne, on the property that her family has owned for more than 5 generations, making his natural wines in their garage, using only organically farmed fruit. The ‘Gorge Séche’ is a blend of 60% pineau d’Aunis and 40% gamay bouze, light in color and body with tart red fruit and a touch of grippy tannin. A hint of dark fruit from the malbec will appeal to pinot noir drinkers - or anyone looking for a complex, crunchy quaff! Organically grown, low-intervention, vegan.

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