Domaine Bornard Poulsard 'Tant Mieux' Petillant Naturel Vin de France NV

Article number: Bornard Poulsard 'Tant Mieux' Pet Nat NV
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Philippe was a young farmer in the Jura who maintained several hectares of vineyards in the Côtes du Jura and the tiny Arbois Pupillin appellations. Wine legend Pierre Overnoy provided the push Philippe needed to begin making his own wine from his own grapes. Philippe converted his farming to full biodynamic and became certified in 2012. From then, his son Tony became more involved in the farming and winemaking, taking the reins from Philippe only in the last couple of vintages. Their vines see meticulous care, the wines see minimal input, and the final juice remains super clean, precise, and expressive of Jura's terroir. "Tant-Mieux" is Tony's super light and fizzy poulsard pétillant naturel. Clocking in at a feather-weight 8.5% abv, there are few other wines that combine this kind of elegant, light extraction along with a whirlwind of flavors and aromas. Black tea, crushed cranberry, blood orange zest are just a few things that come to mind while gulping this down. Certified biodynamic, low-intervention, vegan.


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