Bloomer Creek Vineyard Skin-fermented Dry Gewurztraminer 'Tanzen Dame' Finger Lakes 2018

Article number: Bloomer Creek Gewurz Skin-Ferment Tanzen Dame 18
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A true trailblazer in natural winemaking in New York State, Bloomer Creek Vineyard proves that producing delectable wines while working organically is not an impossible feat, even in New York's challenging climate. (The first natural winemakers of Burgundy and the Loire Valley in France also heard similar protestations.) Proprietors Kim Engle and Debra Bermingham have been crafting beautiful examples of low-intervention wines for over 20 years and farming organically for over 30 years. (Dig a little deeper and check out Debra's work as renowned fine artist. Her various works have hung on the walls of galleries, museums, and private collections all over the US and overseas.) In the vineyards, harvest is done by hand and seaweed/fish and compost formulations are sprayed to aid in disease resistance and vine health. With an “Old World” approach to fermentation, they rely on indigenous yeast to do the job and finished wines are neither filtered nor fined. The results are distinctive, long-lasting wines. This 10-day skin-fermented gewürztraminer is aromatically commanding and highly perfumed, with bursts of stone fruit, white lily and lychee. Texturally, the wine has an exquisite balance of body, tannin and acidity. The wine will certainly evolve over the course of the evening and offer interesting food pairings throughout. Nobody in New York, or maybe the world, makes a gewürztraminer quite like this. A truly singular expression of Finger Lakes terroir. Organically grown, low-intervention, vegan.

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