Bancales dos Mosteiros Mencia Ribeira Sacra DO 2018

Article number: Bancales Mencia Rib Sacra 18
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This family winery is now in its fourth generation, helmed by sisters Marta and Carmen Castro. Marta is the winemaker, while Carmen handles the administration of the estate. The striking label is an homage to the Gothic architecture of the region. Equally dramatic is the landscape – granite hillside vineyards so steep that a fall would almost certainly prove fatal! While not very hospitable to humans, the mencía grape finds these conditions quite favorable, as a taste of this cuvée will prove! Spicy, dark fruit on a medium-bodied frame is supported by dusty tannins and food-friendly acidity. A classic savory finish with light granite minerality adds complexity and makes this a great quaff! Sustainably grown. 

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