Averell Damson Plum Gin Liqueur

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Early settlers brought the Damson plum to North America, where it was historically prized for jams, brandy, and gin. Among the oldest known varietals of plum, over time the small, tart Damson has become rare as larger, sweeter varietals took over. New York-based American Gin Company produces Averell gin by barrel pressing heirloom Damson plums harvested from upstate New York, and then blending the juice with their small batch American gin to create a bright, unique liqueur. Averell's higher alcohol (compared with Sloe Gin) makes it a great base spirit in gin fizzes without the need to dilute it with dry gin. In addition to the botanicals and juniper flavors traditional to gin, the Damson plums lend Averell notes of dried fruit and sweet spices. This makes it particularly delicious in stirred drinks that are paired with pork, poultry, and game bird dinners, as well as a winner in classic gin fizzes or with ginger ale and lemon.

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