Artiguelongue Bas Armagnac VSOP 750ml

Article number: Artiguelongue VSOP Bas Armagnac
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Eric Artiguelongue was a Cellar Master at a renowned Armagnac estate for years, but branched out on his own in 2005 to create his own line. With over three decades of experience with maturing and blending, he offers some of the appellation’s best kept secrets. He uses Gascony oak barrels for his Armagnac, and leaves them until they have reached their best quality, then bottles them to maintain their peak condition. He never uses boise, caramel, or sweeteners in his products. The VSOP is comprised of 80% ugni blanc, 10% colombard, and 10% folle blanche, with each varietal separately fermented and then single distilled in pot-column hybrid stills before spending 5 years in oak. It is bright and vibrant, with a more subtle wood tannin influence, releasing a natural nose of prune, candied orange peel, and quince. It has a long finish with a walnut astringency and some dried fig and cocoa hints on the silky dry palate.

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