Arcane Fernet 750ml

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Arcane means understood by few; mysterious or secret. The self-proclaimed “nerds” that founded Arcane distilling seek to create exceptional spirits through a scientific approach, eschewing the mythology that often abounds in the world of spirits. They specialize in vacuum distillation, named so because it operates at greatly reduced pressures, and operate at such a high vacuum that water can be boiled at room temperature. They are constantly striving to make things better through science, custom built machinery and efficiency. Their fernet started as a bet, when someone literally said to them, “hey, I bet you can’t make fernet”. They take bets seriously, and over the course of a couple years and with the advice of the bartenders and drinkers of NYC, Arcane Fernet was born. With a hearty gentian base note, it is aided by three different types of citrus peel for a more nuanced, deeper bitter that steers away from astringency. Amaro are known for being sweet, but they wanted to steer away from it being too syrupy, and achieve this with an old candy-maker’s secret and a bit of peppermint. Among the especially unique herbs that they use are three different types of hop flowers. The research done for the "Great Bet of 2015" yielded many interesting results, but one in particular stood out - ALL amaro need balance. The ingredients and technique need to come together - layered on top of each other, to give the spirit the class and intrigue that amaro are known for. With Arcane Fernet, they have done just that.

39% ABV

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