Apologue Celery Root Liqueur 750ml

Article number: Apologue Celery Root Liqueur 750ml
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Margarita Alternative: Use celery root liqueur instead of Triple Sec in this twist on a Tequila classic
G&T: Add a little celery root liqueur to your Gin & Tonic

Apologue is a company based out of Chicago that makes all natural liqueurs with mostly locally sourced ingredients from two farms, and they are also non-GMO Project Verified. Not only are they making clean liqueurs, but they like to feature interesting, unique, and thought-provoking ingredients. They also sweeten their liqueurs responsibly, without overdoing the amount of sweetness and using only organic cane sugar. They are meant to enhance cocktails to make them more fascinating, but they can all be enjoyed as a delicious spritz. This celery root checks all the boxes: herbaceous, savory, and intriguing. It has bright, snappy flavor with hints of dill, tarragon, fennel, and lemon peel. It is amazing as a spritz, and also goes great with tonic, dry vermouth, or in a Bloody Mary. It pairs wonderfully with gin and mezcal, and makes a fun accompaniment to oysters! Sustainably made.


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