Anselmo Mendes 'Passaros' Alvarinho-Loureiro Vinho Verde DOC Escolha 2018

Article number: Mendes Passaros Escolha 18
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Anselmo Mendes began producing wines in 1998 in Monção and Melgaço in the Minho Valley of Portugal. He became acquainted with the culture of vine and wine production as a young child, leading him to pursue degrees in Agro-Industrial Engineering in 1987 and Oenology six years after. Named “one of the greatest Portuguese winemakers” in [Robert] Parker’s Wine Buyer’s Guide, Anselmo makes a diverse array of wines from Vinho Verde to the Alentego, via the Douro and Dão, and even some in Brazil and Argentina. This bright Vinho Verde is a blend of alvarinho, which gives it zippy acidity, and loureiro, which lends intense fruity aromas. It is wonderfully balanced and dry, with fresh fruit flavors and a mouthwatering finish.

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