Angry Orchard 'Dear Brittany' 2017

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Although Angry Orchard is best known for the sweet, easy-drinking ciders seen across the country, their cider makers have experimented with apple varieties and processes from around the world for over 20 years. In 2015, Angry Orchard opened a research and development center (and tasting room) just down the road from our shop in Walden, NY. There, the focus is on experimentation and collaboration in the creation of unique small-batch ciders that utilize traditions from all over the globe. This rich, full bodied cider takes inspiration from the traditional cidre of northern France, using only traditional apple varieties of Normandy and utilizing the classic techniques of the region, drawing the pectins from the juice. This cider offers weight, depth, and mild tannin structure with a dry, slightly sour profile with generous apple flavor and streaks of underripe tropical and stone fruit and touches of vegetal notes.

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