Amaro Lucano 750ml

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Lucano was created in 1894 by the Vena family who have owned and operated it since its inception and is now in their fourth generation. They are located in the small town of Lucania in the province of Matera in the Basilicata region of Southern Italy. Cavalier Pasquale Vena was a confectioner with a deep passion for herbology, blending countless herbs in innumerable combinations to create the perfect liqueur. He finally discovered the combination that would withstand the test of time and determine the future of his family. His secret recipe is unchanged to this day. The production methods of a century ago also remain the same, staying true to tradition. The recipe contains more than 30 herbs including angelica, aloe, gentian, cinnamon, bitter orange, holy thistle, and artemisia absinthium that characterize its strong and delicately balanced flavor with citrus and floral notes. It adds wonderful complexity and bitterness to classic cocktails like Negronis or Manhattans and can also stand alone nicely.

28% ABV

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