Alberto Orte 'Vara y Pulgar' Vino de la Tierra de Cadiz 2015

Article number: Alberto Orte Vara y Pulgar Cadiz 2015
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A truly unique find, this wine will thrill casual drinkers and wine nerds alike! The tintilla grape was grown in the Jerez region of Spain for centuries, but nearly annihilated by the phylloxera epidemic of the late-19th century. Genetic testing has determined that tintilla is the same variety as graciano, and tintilla in Jerez may predate graciano in Rioja, lending it an even deeper historical significance. Fortunately for the tintilla grape, the Jerez wine region, and especially for us as drinkers, Alberto Orte of Vara y Pulgar propagated enough vines from abandoned vineyards that had escaped the scourge of phylloxera to create this wine, arguably the first varietal wine from the tintilla grape in more than a century. More than just a limited production wine with a great, geeky story, this is absolutely delicious! It bursts with spicy dark fruit, offering aromas of blackberry, boysenberry, currant, violets, baking spices, and crushed stone. Those dark fruit tones continue on the palate, joined by hints of black pepper (evoking Northern Rhône syrah), a crunchy acidity that brings to mind cabernet franc or mencía, and a savory mineral character on a medium-bodied frame with a long, aromatic finish and slightly rustic tannins. Organically grown.

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